Wednesday, 15 August 2012

3 Reasons Why Healers Fail to Become Reiki Professionals - Part 1

A lot of people would like to make a living as professional Reiki therapists, but few actually succeed.

That doesn't mean that it's impossible or that you can't do it - quite the contrary - but if you are to succeed you will most likely need to avoid three key mistakes:

1) Becoming a professional Reiki healer for the wrong reasons.
2) Giving up too soon.
3) Not diversifying.

This article looks at the first of these three reasons and, well, may offend some!

Becoming a Professional Reiki Healer for the Wrong Reasons

If you are going to succeed where most people fail, then your heart needs to be fully engaged in what you are doing. If you think working with Reiki would help you to be a 'good', 'noble', 'spiritual' person but aren't genuinely motivated by passion, then you are not going to succeed as a professional.

Perhaps you might succeed in other fields, but not Reiki.

Reiki requires passion for your clients and passion for your overall work.

You need passion for your clients' wellbeing because that is the best way to create a strong energetic connection to them. (If they feel you care about them, they are much more likely to open up energetically.)

You need passion for your overall work because that is the most potent engine for overcoming obstacles that block your path.

You see, if you are passionate about what you do then obstacles are just temporary inconveniences - things you're happy to work your way around or through. You'll be like water streaming down a mountainside: if a rock gets in your way, you'll simply find an alternative route down.

If you are not truly passionate, however, then you're either going to stop in front of that rock, through a tantrum and refuse to go on, or make your way around it but spend half of your energy cursing it.

The difference between working in alignment with your passion and working against it can be likened to the difference between being pulled on by a locomotive and pulling the locomotive on.

When you are doing something you're not passionate about, it can be like trying to move a locomotive with your own force: you tug, you pull - but to make even the tiniest progress feels like lot of work.

When you're filled with passion, however, it's the exact reverse: it's like the locomotive is pulling you - and your job is simply to hold on! Here you may encounter obstacles that temporarily slow down your speed, but it's going to take a lot to stop you altogether.

To give you an example from my own life, I have a second business in literacy that I set up before becoming a Reiki professional. The business is a noble one and I truly believe the system I help market is the best method in the world for children who need to learn to read and write English. The thing is, it's not my passion so, even though it only takes up about 2% of my total working hours (but rewards me nicely), inconveniences still feel like a triple dose of gravity and, when they pop up, it takes self-control not to give in to the negativity my mind would so love to spin.

With Reiki, however, when problems arise, I just find a solution. I may feel momentarily frustrated, but next instant I'm on the lookout for a fix to the issue - and one always comes along. After that, it's full steam ahead again.

Once we recognise the importance of passion in working with Reiki (or whatever we do!), another issue often arises: we are not 100% sure what we are truly passionate about it!

Do what you love, they say.

I have no idea what I love, we say.

A scratch of the head. Confusion. And back to a job we hate because we can't think of what else to do. We can't decide whether Reiki is a big enough passion to make things work.

My experience, however, is that almost everyone does know what they love doing, it's just that they are afraid of admitting it to themselves because they don't think it is possible and, as a result, don't want to be disappointed or laughed at.

If you don't believe me, imagine having a chat to God one day and getting His / Her assurance that whatever profession you decide to do, you're guaranteed to be a massive success. You'll be brilliant at it. You'll be fabulously rich. Just take your pick and voila, it's all yours!
Spend a moment now and imagine the above scenario. Then notice how clear you've suddenly become!

(Note: if the exercise doesn't work then almost certainly you've let fear get in your way. So try again and remember that whatever you choose is guaranteed!)

Apart from fear of failure, another thing that can get in your way to choosing the job that's right for you - something I touched on at the start of this article - is a sense of MORAL obligation. You feel you need to make a difference in the world. You feel you need to help people. And that could very well lead you to inappropriately choosing Reiki.

But if you look into your heart, isn't it clear that the best thing you can do is simply be YOU?

You have been created uniquely. You have a unique set of inner drives and passions. So isn't just possible that your job is to live in alignment with those passions and drives?

That, I believe, is when you live in the FLOW.

That is when you have the biggest impact on others, when you inspire them to live true to who they are, when you are the brightest light you can be.

Because when you are true to yourself you have a radiance that brightens everyone's day. You have an energy that enthuses the world. And that is when you'll truly make a difference. It's not when you're trying to be good. It's not when you're doing what you think is the 'right thing to do'. It's when the Spirit picks you up, lets you fly, and connects you to God.

So forget about trying to be good!

God doesn't want 'good' people. God wants honest people. God wants people to do the job He / She put them on this planet to do.
Can you imagine how frustrating it must be for Him to give someone, say, the gift of music, to know how much happiness and inspiration this person's music could give the world, only to find this person bugging passersby on the street with Reiki or Bibles or whatever - all without any real passion or joy?

No, if that has been your show up until now, I recommend tossing morality out the window. Just give it a boot, take a deep breath and smile. For then you will be free to be true to who you really are. Free to illuminate the world with your unique light. Free from agonizing over what is right and wrong.

Yes, once you've gotten rid of the dogma of moral law, you'll be ready to live in the Flow, to live intuitively, to live in harmony with the whispering of the Spirit.

This may mean working with Reiki. It may mean something else. But whatever it is, the Heavens will cheer, the world will rejoice, your heart will sing - and no obstacle will ever be big enough to stop your triumphant march.

Jeremy O'Carroll